Working in Canada? Live and Learn CA’s In-Demand Jobs

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Although moving and working abroad is complex and difficult for everyone, a large number of people still choose to migrate and find a better quality of life and work elsewhere.

Canada, among other destinations around the world, remains the most popular immigration magnet. According to the recent Citizenship and Immigration Canada census in 2011, approximately 248,748 permanent residents and 1,019,294 temporary visitors enter the country to work, study or undertake humanitarian activities.

As one of the first countries to introduce immigration programs into a point-based system, hundreds and thousands of immigrants are recruited to migrate to the Maple Leaf Country. Various immigration and visa programs are available for employees, freelancers and business people. It is also known for the best educational services, health facilities and social benefit programs. As one of the least polluted countries in the world, it also offers a “corruption-free” environment, which is another major factor in attracting more immigrants.

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Although the natural resources industry is one of the main sources of employment in Maple magazine, the continuous expansion of the manufacturing industry offers many opportunities for foreign professionals wishing to settle in Canada. It has also led to increasing demand for skilled workers in many parts of the world. Here are the main CA job categories for 2013:

Financial and accounting directors

As the public and private sectors seek to understand who understands the complexities of financial management, the demand for fund managers and accountants continues to grow.

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Experienced work

The shortage of traders is increasing due to the generational stigma facing the industry. There is, therefore, growing demand for chefs, gardeners, electricians, carpenters, plumbers, aeronautical technicians, car maintenance technicians, industrial mechanics, as well as tool and mould manufacturers.

Software and mobile developers

Like most industries today depend on technology, expertise in software and mobile applications is necessary to keep abreast of technological advances. For this, various companies in the country often request an increase in the number of professional experts in the field.

Meanwhile, a recent Canadian Business Network survey of CA’s highest-paid jobs found that petroleum engineers were among the leading professions. The list below shows the 10 highest-paying jobs in Canada, along with their estimated median wages (

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– Petroleum engineer, the median salary of $ 90,002
– Nurse advisor, $ 74,880
– Electrical contractor, 69,160
– Data analyst, the median salary of $ 67,330
– Healthy Policy Advisor, $ 65,229
– Construction manager, $ 70,179
– Avocado, $ 79,997
– Transport manager, $ 70,720
– Economist, $ 75,565

Working in Canada requires appropriate documentation and relevant experience. For those seeking employment and permanent residence in the country, applicants must prepare their work permit and social security number to work legally.

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