Ukraine Travel Guide – Are you up to these Ukraine Destinations?

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Ukraine, the second-largest country in Eastern Europe, is an incredible travel destination for travellers. The country is bordered by a number of other countries, including the Russian Federation, Poland, Hungary and Romania. Ukraine plays an important role in European history and culture and you will find many interesting things there.

The first city to consider is Kyiv when you visit Ukraine. Kyiv is the largest and most important metropolis in the country. The culture and traditions here are based on Christian beliefs, and you will certainly see it during your travels. People in Ukraine are generally hospitable, warm and friendly, especially when it comes to sharing good food with others.

If there is a plan to visit the historic old towns in your travel plan, consider visiting Lviv, a medieval old town in Ukraine. Architecture is a must in Lviv. You can find a strong impact of Poland and Austria on architecture there. This city is full of fascinating culture and long-established entertainment. Although not as modern as Kyiv, Lviv is popular because of its unique charm. There are also favourite historic cities in Ukraine, and most are close to or perhaps a short journey away.

Just like other countries in Europe, art, architecture and literature are important elements of their culture. You can find art almost everywhere in Ukraine, from sketches in the streets to pieces in art galleries. Most museums and galleries display renowned pieces, while others can display contemporary artworks from local Ukrainian citizens. You are deeply attracted by the distinctive sculptures, architecture, furniture and even fashion that can be seen in the cities.

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If you are planning a dental treatment or cosmetic surgery, consider Ukraine. Although most tourists don’t come here with careful plans, many find the costs affordable and the services impressive. Ukraine is known for its high-quality cosmetic surgery and spa services. The spa treatments here are top class and contain ingredients of the highest quality that have been collected all over the world. Mud baths are predominantly here, and also really cheap.

If nature is your favourite, then you will love the mountain landscape in Ukraine. The landscape is incredible and presents spectacular places where the waterfalls connect to the rivers and the mountains merge into the horizon. You will find several parks for walking in Ukraine, as well as some of the most beautiful national parks in Europe. Ukraine offers almost everything that tourists dream of while travelling. You will find good food, fantastic culture, great photography options and stress-free top quality spas. Ukraine is a travel destination that is often overlooked, but which should never be forgotten. This unique country promises many tourists from all over the world.

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If your idea of ​​a trip to Ukraine surpasses the lights of the big city of Kyiv (Kiev) or Odesa, then the fortified city of Kamyanets-Podilsky or the Carpathians might be what you are looking for. These two destinations offer a more enriching experience for those who prefer to think outside the box.

Kamyanets-Podilsky – the fortress city

This is known as one of the oldest cities in Ukraine. The beginning of it is not yet fully understood. But the most recent estimates, due to archaeological discoveries, place the first construction in the 11th century.

The city fort runs over the Smotrich river, making it very easy to defend. It is generally accepted that it was built by the Dacians while engaged in the Roman-Dacian wars.

Which attractions can you expect? The city fort itself is the attraction. The original structures and structures that have been added over the years offer a glimpse into the history of Ukraine.

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The city is home to the first gymnasium in Ukraine and the Pushkin Enlightenment Center. There are also more than 200 monuments.

The Carpathians are the destination of adventure

Are you looking for an adventurous outdoor holiday? Then the Carpathians are for you! Getting there is easy and affordable. The Ukrainian train will take you there from every major city. Once there you can choose from one of the many resorts that are spread out over the mountains.

What is your favourite activity? Hiking is a very popular pastime in the area, so take one of the easily available topographic maps. Rafting? The River Prut and the River Bistrita cross the Carpathians and a number of guided rafting trips are available.

If cycling is your thing, there are a number of good places to drive and ride. With an abundance of paved and unpaved roads, you will have no problem renting a racing bike or trail bike and exploring at your leisure!

Whether you choose one or both, you will certainly come back with a more memorable experience of your trip to Ukraine.

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