Top 5 Common Mistakes When Applying for Immigration to Canada

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Applying for a permanent residence permit can sometimes be an overwhelming task, as it involves a lot of paperwork, and it can sometimes be easy to get it wrong. Those who have already gone through this process can tell you, Here are the top mistakes to avoid while applying for immigration to Canada;

1. Calculate points incorrectly

To obtain a permanent residence permit under the Federal Skilled Worker Program, the Quebec Skilled Worker Program and most provincial candidate programs, you must comply with this. Points are based on your qualifications and experience and can sometimes be confusing because many people do not know how many points they should have. If you go through this process without the help of an immigration lawyer, you must count the points correctly, because if you do not meet the conditions for the points, your application may be rejected.

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2. Do not fill the forms correctly

When you emigrate to Canada, many different forms must be completed. Sometimes inconsistent information is also found upon request; for example, sometimes the person does not write his name in the same way in all its forms. All the information you submit with your application must be consistent, otherwise, you will probably blame it, and you must start over. It is also essential to remember to sign the forms in the right places; this small error can cause your application to return.

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3. Missing documents

Although it is different for each type of immigration category, many documents must be sent if you want to become a permanent resident of Canada. Not only all required documents have to be sent, but they also have to be sent in the right format, because they sometimes require a photocopy version, while at other times you have to send the original.

4. Incorrect national occupational classification code (NOC)

Unless you have a job with a qualified Canadian employer, people who want to immigrate to Canada under the federally trained employee program must have at least one year of experience in a list of 29 eligible jobs. To prove this, it is necessary to get a reference letter, from a previous employer, and if the skills in the reference letter do not match the CNP code, the application can be rejected.

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5. Choose the wrong visa office02

If the application is not sent to the appropriate visa office, it will be rejected and returned to the sender. In other to avoid this, one must ensure the officer is vibrant and have total knowledge about the Visa.

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