Things You Need to Know Before Migrating to Canada

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Luxury cars, designer clothes and well-paid jobs are all people in third world countries who can imagine life in the western part of the world. After all, those who are lucky enough to emigrate to Canada, the United States or the United Kingdom for a new and prosperous life, always come back for a visit after a few years, bring a lot of gifts for the whole family, build acres of land and spending tons of money that seem to be unlimited. Yes, the lifestyles of those who live in Western countries are very privileged in many ways and I cannot deny that. I need to know that I live in Alberta, Canada, in an oil-rich province with many jobs. wages are high and there is almost no poverty.

In addition to living in a luxury lifestyle, there are things that all people need to be fully aware of before moving to Canada.


Most people in Third World countries are unaware of credit cards and mortgages. So if you know or see someone who lives in a big house or drives a luxury car, you can assume that he is rich. However, in Canada or the United States, a person who drives a luxury car and lives in a large and beautiful home may be rich or not. If you have good credit, you are eligible for a mortgage, credit cards and car rental contracts, which basically means that the bank owns your car or your house and you earn money. monthly payments depending on the amount borrowed. It can take 2 to 5 years to pay for a car and 20 and older for a house.

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Keeping in touch with Jones is a commonly used expression to describe a person who strives to have what his neighbour has. It is very common for a family with a combined annual income of $ 100,000 to have a large debt burden. Most likely because they live beyond their means to preserve their appearance. A classic example of this is a person I already knew who owned a beautiful house of a million dollars in a higher class community. This house is decorated with elegant furniture from top to bottom, a large screen TV and it even drove a brand new Mercedes. An enviable lifestyle for many, but what most people didn’t know was that she couldn’t afford to pay the electricity bill and the mortgage. Does that make sense to you? It is therefore important to understand that not everyone is rich in Canada, our idea of ​​success is unrealistic and we create debts while looking for wealth.


In Canada, believe it or not, you earn money through hard work, long hours of work 5 days a week and even 6 or 7 days a week. There are people who have 3 jobs just to make ends meet. Industrialization in Canada has created many jobs for skilled workers. However, many highly educated immigrants have jobs such as slaughterhouses, taxi drivers or caretaker jobs that most Canadians find undesirable. These jobs pay well because nobody wants to do them and they require very little training. Foreign diplomas such as medicines, rights or other diplomas obtained in a country other than Canada do not guarantee you a job in Canada. Your diploma, for which you have worked hard, may not be recognized by Canadian standards. To avoid disappointment, it is important to understand the level of professional and academic standards that must be met before your arrival.

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If you plan to emigrate to Canada, you should know that you may be facing this issue. Some cities are better than others, but here in Alberta, it can be the worst. A recent article in the Calgary Herald describes Calgary as the capital of hate crimes in Canada. I grew up as an African-Canadian in the 1980s, at a time when there were few black families, I had many problems with racism. Although there are now more visible minorities, this problem still exists. I recently met a Russian man who encounters racial blemish in his workplace every day, he said, although his skin is the same colour because they still discriminate against him because of his Russian accent. The fact that discrimination and racism can be very subtle and even non-verbal sometimes means that we have to work hard to prove ourselves at all times. Minorities are undervalued and may not have the same rights as our Canadian counterparts, but we can always demand respect for the workplace or school. The policy to combat intimidation and discrimination is intended to support us in this.


Canadian customs may be different from what you used to do, but there are some customs that you may not know. For example, it is common to call and make an appointment to visit someone at home, unexpected reporting is considered rude. Make sure you are on time, because Canadians appreciate punctuality, don’t forget to take your shoes off at the door. Never comment on the weight of a woman if she has too much weight, this is considered very disrespectful. You better give a compliment about weight loss. Try to maintain social contacts with people outside of your cultural group to ensure successful social integration. I notice that many immigrants of all ethnic origin tend to surround themselves only with people with the same cultural background. I understand that meeting people from the same country as your country of origin is human nature, you have a lot in common, especially when it comes to language, culture or religion. But it is also important to integrate into society by avoiding divorce. Spending time with people from other cultures is a good opportunity for others to get to know your culture and remove the barriers that cause discrimination.

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As you can see here, things in the western part of the world are not always what seems to be. We may not have smoke and mirrors as a wizard, but we are very good at creating the illusion that we lead the ideal life. Make sure you prepare yourself by weighing the pros and cons. Now that you have this knowledge, what will you do about it? Share this article with someone you know and create awareness through education because knowledge is power.

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