The most amazing cities in Europe for an immigrant to Explore

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Today we will talk about the most closely related cities in Europe.

1, a lifetime contract – Milan

Because you know the city very well and do not want to rent it, because you cannot marry someone, so you are ready to marry a city.

2, Turn right on the left bank – Paris

The river parted the city into two major parts, and the left bank is free and comfortable while the right bank is official. Paris is so beautiful that you can’t even express it or draw it. You can just imagine it and think of it as a closet, and you have to choose the most beautiful. He stands on the left bank and turns right.

3, the holidays continue – Rome

Thousands of years of history turned overnight into a paradise for vacation, and this is Rome. If you are too lazy to handle the story, you should pay attention to the hairdresser at the hairdressing salon, then put the sleeves wrapped on the arm, the skirt gently, then search for a rigid reporter, telling him that I am a princess.

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4, romance and wandering – Barcelona

The church and the street cover the core of the city—the city’s main road called Road Rangers. We can see that the city’s theme is wandering around. Maybe one night in the moonlight, you and your love go to the church together, then go and play a wandering game.

5, protect the sea of ​​love – Athena

The wind in the heart, ready to live afterlife, keeps the sea of ​​love. It is Athena.

6, pure corruption – Monaco

Monaco is tiny, but a land of wealth. Because of so much money and private yachts, corruption in Monaco is tainted. But it is still a haven of fun and money.

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7, rational transformation – Prague

A city built on seven hills above the river, there are ten different bridges. The town is very charming, connected to the literary master, Kafka, and others. Thus the share of this city will never be distorted.

8, the balloon view after drinking – Munich

The pride of beer, Benz, BMW, Volkswagen, and Bayern are the pride of Munich. In Munich, you cannot guarantee that the city is still vibrant in Germany’s strict flavor, what you can do is just absorb the city, take a view of beer and balloon, forget your name and identity, and forget about yesterday and tomorrow. It is free time.

9, rock and soccer pig – Liverpool

Liverpool is known worldwide for two reasons. Firstly, the awesome Rock Beatles was born here, and second, there is the mighty Red Army club in Liverpool. However, this city still does not feel enough; the University of Liverpool’s world-famous music and the football program is unique in the world.

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10, Mr. Vatican’s faith

The Vatican is the smallest country in the world, located in the northwestern corner of Rome, and is the leading center of the Catholic Church. The dome and St. Peter’s Basilica are all masterpieces of Michelangelo. A room for sculptures, paintings, golden products, and amazing artistic achievements, look for the cardinal, the master who died while faith is eternal.

11, The Deep alleys – Seville

There is no fixed theme in this city. Anything can happen. The deep alleys are free, and you can walk.

12, a businessman does not sleep – Venice

This city is the pearl of the Adriatic, and it is a beautiful city. Venice, this city is charming. You can relax.

These cities are charming and beautiful. You should visit. Let’s go on.

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