Study Abroad – The Top 5 Reasons Why France Should Be Your Destination

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The first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “France” is the Eiffel Tower. The Eiffel Tower is indeed an important reason why students want to go to France to study. First of all, France is very rich in history. The French revolution in itself created so many landmarks that a student studying European history would be delighted to visit these places. However, France is not reserved for European history students. A program of international studies abroad seeks more reasons than the history of the country.
So what are students looking for when choosing a country to study and live? Of course, it’s more fun to learn French in Paris or stay in Biarritz than studying French in Idaho. But international students choose France for many reasons. We count the reasons to visit France.

France is inspiring.

Why? Imagine watching the Eiffel Tower at sunset with your college books in hand. The scene in front of you would take your breath away. Adding to that would be the pride of being a student in this beautiful country that has produced such a beautiful monument. An international study abroad program is designed to provide satisfactory students; the pride of being a student in France. Students with an artistic spirit would be delighted to see Picasso’s work firsthand. Seeing everything you’ve only seen in print or a book would be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. How about drinking coffee at the local bistro? In a place as rich in culture as France, this action requires a certain confidence that students will gain by studying in France.

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France is the ideal place to go out and explore.

An international study program is not just about studying. Inspiring students to go on field trips to different parts of the country is high on the agenda. France has many places to visit. Students can go to the Alps to ski, take a cruise on the Rhine or even visit the house of the Kings of France in Fontainebleau. These trips are beneficial in two ways; academic and recreational. From France, it is also easy to get to major European cities such as London, Madrid, Brussels and Milan.

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Paris, capital of France,

Paris is a centre of art, fashion, cuisine and culture of world renown. By participating in an international study program, a student would benefit not only academically, but also in other ways. For example, France is home to famous fashion designers, such as Yves Saint-Laurent. Students may have grown up hearing his name and label, but staying in the same country as him and discovering his equipment firsthand is a completely different story. Christian Dior is also French, just like Jean-Paul Gaultier. And why not make a gift for someone at home (or for yourself!) In the Louis Vuitton flagship store at your school in Paris? French cuisine is also exceptionally rich. It is pure ecstasy to simply taste French cuisine, and even less to enjoy it day after day.

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France is an economic centre.

It is the second-largest economic power in Europe and the second-largest exporter of services in the world. Many multinational companies operate in France and around the world, which opens many doors for students coming to study here. Some multinational companies are Airbus, L’OrĂ©al, Danone, Renault and Carrefour. These five companies are located in five completely different fields, which shows how many options students have when they graduate.

France offers a quality education.

It is also a safe country. Universities are internationally recognized and offer a wide variety of subjects from which students can choose. Students come from these educational centres like adult adults ready to face the world.

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