Read the Top {10} reasons why you should consider Living and Investing in Nicaragua

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What makes Nicaragua interesting for real estate investments?

Nicaragua is an incredibly beautiful country with a fantastic landscape. Known for its volcanoes, lakes, wildlife at its best, and hard-to-match biodiversity of diverse fauna and flora. The climate is perfect, tropical and sunny all year round, offering you both warm and cool depending on the national location. Nicaragua’s coastline is still relatively untapped and offers great opportunities for beach life. But the nature and beauty of Nicaragua are not the only reasons why investors and those looking for a second home are focusing on Nicaragua.

Read about the top 10 reasons why you should consider living and investing in Nicaragua. This is for you if you are looking for a retirement option or a beachfront vacation home.

1. Affordable.

One of the reasons Nicaragua is so attractive is because it is super affordable. The fact that housing is cheap seems to be a very important reason why people choose to live in Nicaragua. Living in Nicaragua on a budget of $ 1000 a month is easy. You live very well according to American or European standards. One of the reasons Nicaragua is in the best retirement sky in the world in 2011 is because you still get a lot for the dollars.

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2. Safe.

Contrary to popular belief, living in Nicaragua is safe. The crime rate in Nicaragua is one of the lowest in all of Latin America.

3. Stable.

One of the reasons why Nicaragua is becoming one of the hottest countries for real estate investment is because Nicaragua has had a stable democratic government for over 15 years. Local real estate is undervalued because of the belief that Nicaragua is still an unstable country that is far from the truth.

4. Investor friendly.

Foreign Investment Law in Nicaragua is investment-friendly, allowing foreigners to own property. Some top-notch insurance companies offer property insurance to further secure your property.

5. Great return on investment.

Chances are that if you consider living and investing in Nicaragua you and your family will be one of the benefactors in the future. There are many development projects in Nicaragua with the aim of sustainable building and development, securing the wealth for tomorrow. Why make the same mistakes as in many other countries. Tomorrow’s wealth is clean air and water, along with pristine forests and beaches.

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6. New financial paradigm.

Gone are the days of investing in stocks and bonds, now we’re moving forward looking at other solutions like real estate. Timing is important, and in Nicaragua, there is an opportunity today to hit the market before the rest of the world catches the wave.

7. Good opportunities to start a business.

If you are an entrepreneur who wants to start a tourism business, you are blessed with laws full of incentives to make your dream come true. Maybe a guest house by the sea or a surf school.

8. Tourism.

Tourism is growing in Nicaragua, which is a good thing as real estate and tourism go hand in hand. People go on vacation and find their favorite place to invest. They bring their friend who also wants a house on the beach and that’s how it goes …

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9. Connection.

If you move from abroad, you probably have obligations or even work outside Nicaragua. Traveling is easy, regular flights from Managua take you to Miami or Huston in less than 3 hours. Telecommunications are no problem almost anywhere in the country, quickly and easily.

10. Friendly.

These are all great facts to make you feel safe and secure. But the bottom line will be your luck. Do you feel at home and happy in Nicaragua? This is entirely up to you! We have a great saying in Sweden and it goes something like this: “Get in the habit where you are”. This simply means that when you are in Nicaragua you do it like the locals. Nicaraguans are very friendly and hospital, as long as you respect their way of life and their country. Be humble, open your mind, and prepare for the time of your life with new friends and new experiences.


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