Planning a trip to Croatia? – Things to know before visiting

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If you plan to visit Croatia, you may be wondering if it is worth the costs and the challenges. A visit to another country (read Croatia or Hrvatska) can reward you in many ways, but you will certainly encounter situations that you would not encounter at home. This mainly concerns American tourists.

Here are some things to consider when considering visiting Croatia:


Visiting a country where history has happened and has left its deepest traces, always has something special. Croatia is certainly the country where history has preserved many Greek and Roman ruins, such as the famous Diocletian’s Palace in Split or the amphitheatre of Pula, medieval fortified cities such as “the eternal city of Dubrovnik or the city of Korcula on the same island.”

World cultures

Some travellers prefer to immerse themselves in a different culture, try everything out, eat locally, visit the local supermarket, open-air markets, walk-in unusual places, live festivals or local traditional ceremonies. Croatia is the right place for this, just to mention the fish market in Split or one of the many local fruit and vegetable markets in the summer on one of the many islands. Don’t miss the summer festivals of Split and Dubrovnik or the famous fighting game “Moreska” in the city of Korcula.

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Culinary adventure

For some holidaymakers, it’s all about food. You may want to taste all the dishes that you have seen or heard. I am sure you love Croatian cuisine, especially the coast, typical Mediterranean cuisine, very similar to Italian with one exception: pasta is not the first and most important meal. Fresh fish, fresh vegetables, lamb (try the lamb from the island of Pag), smoked ham, cheese from the island of Pag and very good local red and white wine.

Dream destinations

Croatia may not have become your dream destination, but if you want to visit a “New Tuscany” or a “Little Venice” on the other side of the Adriatic, you must visit Hrvatska.

Learn experiences

Combining travel and learning experiences can keep your brain just as healthy as the rest of your body, and it will be nice to discover that Croatia is the country where “tie of Traviata” was first introduced. Did you know that Croatia is the home country of the first fountain pen invented by Slavoljub Pankala? You will discover that the parachute was invented by Faust Vrancic.

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Wonders of the world

During a visit to Croatia, you will not see any of the 7 new wonders of the world, but you will certainly be delighted with the wonders of Croatia such as Dubrovnik “Pearl of the Adriatic”, the Diocletian’s Palace in Split, the cathedrals of Trogir and Sibenik, the Amphitheater of Pula, Saint Donate in Zadar.

Family connections

Many travellers decide to visit their ancestors’ homeland on their first trip abroad. Genealogy is an extremely popular pastime and nothing beats your research on stage. You could see the buildings in which your ancestors lived and worked. You might meet a distant cousin. Finding new information about your ancestors and immersing yourself in their culture will add new dimensions to your family history research.

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What problems can you encounter?

Linguistic difficulties

Learning a few words in Croatian can be a daunting experience. But don’t worry, because the English language is very common in Croatia, especially in hotels. If you suffer from language barriers, but still want to visit Croatia, consider travelling with a group of tourists.

Increased costs

Croatia is not expensive like other tourist destinations such as Italy, France or Spain. The capital, Zagreb, is just as expensive for accommodation and parking as any other capital in the EU. Food is even cheaper than elsewhere and better than most. You will find that the rates for a holiday in Croatia are currently very reasonable and cheaper than in other places in the world.


Travelling through Croatia is very safe and attacks and thefts are no problem. You can walk safely in any city at night, but use common sense as always.

Passport issues

You need a passport to enter Croatia, but you do not need an entry visa.

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