Planning a Holiday in Birmingham – Top Five Hotels to stay in Birmingham

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One of the most important decisions you need to make when planning a Birmingham vacation is where to stay. Although tourism is also essential, where you rest your head every night, it can colour your whole experience. Staying unpleasant, uncomfortable or uncomfortable can hamper pleasure. Fortunately, there are many hotels in Birmingham to choose from, and we highlight five of the best. From well-preserved historic buildings to state-of-the-art businesses, Birmingham offers a multitude of grand hotels.

Staying Cool Hotel

Every detail of the Staying Cool hotel in Birmingham is designed to impress. From corner-style rooms to decadently equipped kitchens – espresso machines and juicers are the norms – Staying Cool is certainly one of the most interesting Birmingham hotels you can find. Rooms also have iPod docking stations, Apple computers, and bright decor that you won’t soon forget.

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Malmaison Hotel

Malmaison is one of the trendiest hotels in Birmingham and its excellent location makes a weekend getaway in the city incredibly convenient. Whether you are here for shopping or just for sightseeing, La Malmaison is sure to meet – and even exceed – your expectations. Spectacular colour combinations and refined details give each room a lush but comfortable atmosphere. Exceptional room service means you don’t even have to think if you don’t want to.

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New Room Hotel

For those who prefer to avoid modern attributes for more majestic historic accommodation, few hotels in Birmingham can beat New Hall. Located in what is said to be the oldest surviving English mansion – built in the 12th century – New Hall isn’t in the best location, but the well-appointed rooms more than makeup for it. In addition to the bedrooms, the public areas of the New Hall are among the best of any Birmingham hotel.

City inn Hotel

Many business travellers cite City Inn as a personal favourite, and it’s easy to see why. Among the many hotels in Birmingham that cater to business travellers, City Inn offers the best combination of style, comfort and amenities. Although not necessarily spacious, the rooms are opulent and comfortable. The on-site restaurant is phenomenal – many consider it one of the best restaurants in any Birmingham hotel.

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Jonathon’s Hotel and Restaurant

If you are looking for a 19th-century country hotel in central Birmingham, look no further than the Jonathon’s’ Hotel and Restaurant. Minutes from New Street train station, this hotel offers very spacious rooms with exceptional decor and unmatched comfort. Try to get a room with a fireplace for a real treat. There are two restaurants here, so you can choose between traditional British dishes and Indian dishes.

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