Open Jobs – Best Modern Job Search Strategies to Build Your Career

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In a modern job search, there are so many more jobs than there were a few years ago. Through job sites and social media, there are so many more ways to find, search and apply for what looks like a lot more jobs.
But does this variety offer more opportunities or more confusion? Most research currently suggests that job boards only account for 12% of job openings, that these new job search systems simply cause more frustration when looking for job employment.

Job search basics

The bottom line is that while the number of opportunities seems larger, the basic truth is that the number of jobs depends only on the needs of public/government employers and the private sector in terms of talent and talent. complement their workforce. This is why the basis of a modern job search comes back to the question: how do employers fill their vacancies?

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Modern employers

As always, many vacant positions are filled internally by promotion. This should be considered a good thing by everyone because employers want to stimulate the internal spirit of their workplace as a good workplace. The amount of internal promotion and development varies from one employer to another, but between a third and 90% of vacant positions can be filled internally. On average, a third of vacant positions are filled internally and are nominally closed for external recruitments.

The former primary source of new hires was advertising, either through direct newspaper advertisements or through recruitment agencies. Although it still accounts for a third of job vacancies, the biggest change in this sector has gone from local newspapers to online job boards. Since its launch in 2000, job sites now represent 12% of vacant positions, which represents a little more than half of the market share previously occupied by local newspapers. Many may think that the market share is higher, but the truth is that most good local job sites are owned by local newspapers, which now offer a mix of mixed media in different formats, thus complementing their income by seriously degrading it.

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Modern job search

But the advertising method for recruiting new employees and employees is declining thanks to the Internet. The fastest-growing recruitment sector is hiring well-known people. Traditionally made up of employers hiring people from their suppliers, customers or competitors, the lower cost and familiar knowledge of the user company through the new employee also mean faster integration and therefore operational efficiency. This method is now complemented by two new tactics: first, employers who pay employees to recommend new hires, and second, employers who use social media search methods to find the exact people with the skills to fill their vacancies. The job industry argues that with such growth in corporate networking groups like LinkedIn, where members can upload their resumes/resumes for free, resumes of resumes/resumes do will not be necessary or commercial in the future.

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