Oil Company Job – Useful tips and advice for jobs in the oil fields

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As an adventurous person looking for a stimulating and rewarding job, you should seriously consider jobs in the oil fields. While it is true that oil rigs and rigging work are very physical and can sometimes be dangerous, the rigging companies you work on making life onboard the rig very pleasant. The place to stay during Oilfield Jobs is very great.

Entry-level positions

Oilfield jobs include a variety of different jobs required to extract oil from the depths below the ocean floor. Also, there are positions needed to manage and maintain an essentially floating city. These positions pay around $ 300 daily.
A normal schedule to work is 14 days directly on the harness, then 21 days off. Your annual salary would, therefore, be from $ 40,000 to $ 50,000 per year. It is quite exceptional for an entry-level position. The reason that oil rigs and rigging pay well is to be ready to be away from friends and family for weeks and work hard with a few breaks while on the platform.

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Travel possibilities

If you like this type of heavy work programme with enough free time to compensate you, Oilfield Jobs is a great thing you need to consider. There are also many options for travelling as there are oil rigs around the world. Most of the companies cater for all of your travel expenses, and many skilled workers are needed in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Venezuela, Norway, China, Russia, Canada and of course the United States.

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The right attitude

Working on oil rigs and rigging is in the right position because you must be able to work efficiently with a team of people who spend a lot of time together. You work, eat and sleep with the same people, so you should be able to hurry. Employee relationships are especially important because you depend on each other for your safety. Everyone must do their job and do it carefully to avoid accidents. The power and size of the equipment involved make this crucial for all oil field-work.

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Most of the people on the platform that you will be working with have a great attitude because it is a great job. The work is exciting, and after a few weeks of hard work, you come home with a bag full of money.

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