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Are you excited about the prospect of working in Buenos Aires as an expatriate? In the city guide, you can explore the economy of the metropolitan area and its career opportunities. We also provide a quick overview of the Argentinian trade label for foreign professionals working in Buenos Aires.

Work in Buenos Aires

  • Argentina appears to have weathered the recent crises and jobs are improving. In Buenos Aires in particular, the service sector is particularly strong.
  • Regarding work ethics, avoid cleavage or surprise with your colleagues or clients. Most companies’ dress codes are smart, but anything that’s too flashy will give you strange looks.
  • Although many businessmen in Buenos Aires speak English, it is advisable to take a short course and learn the basics of Spanish Rioplatense, even to be polite.
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Growth industries

Mechanical engineering, biotechnology, power generation, mining, and mobile information technology are all areas that can grow. Expats with professional experience in these areas can have a good opportunity to work in Buenos Aires.

Trade relations with Brazil are not the only ones that can interest foreigners looking for work. Argentina exports a lot of goods to China, the European Union (especially Spain, Germany, Italy, and the Netherlands), Chile and the United States. The commercial experience between Argentina and one of these countries could be a starting point for work in Buenos Aires.

Establishment of the law

Working in Buenos Aires requires a work permit and a work visa for Argentina. The possibility of obtaining it depends on whether you are involved in an in-company transfer to Buenos Aires or a job offer from a company based in that country. You must meet one of these conditions before you can deal with administrative matters and start working in Buenos Aires.

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A work permit is a special category of Permo de Ingreso (entry permit) issued by the National Bureau of Immigration. Ask the business owner in Buenos Aires or the Argentine immigration lawyer if he can help you manage the huge paperwork involved. If you reside in a member state of the Southern Cone Common Market, you do not need such a permit.

Basic work label

If you want to do business in Buenos Aires successfully, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the basic label of Argentina. In general, businessmen in the capital are more formal and indirect than their counterparts in the Argentine provinces. Of course, every encounter and interaction is different, but getting to know some general tasks and what is not a good way to start in Buenos Aires.

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When you meet and greet your new Argentine colleagues or business contacts, making contact is a perfectly acceptable way to introduce yourself. In most cases, giving businessmen of the opposite sex a light kiss on both cheeks is a friendly greeting. You will quickly find yourself on a first name with your colleagues, but hierarchical and formal relationships remain important. If you do not know how to address a contact or a boss, you must first use their address followed by their full name, in order to be safe.

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