Indonesia Visa / Travel Requirements – Check what you need and the procedure

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Indonesia and Kita’s visa:

Indonesia requires an Indonesia visa to travel to the exotic lands of Indonesia. You can obtain a permit from the embassy of Indonesia in your country, or there is a visa on arrival. Indonesia has many different Indonesia visas to suit your stay. Kitas are different because they are for those who stay longer than 60 days and usually start by an Indonesian citizen or company. Recently, Retired Ketas have been added.

Indonesia visa on arrival:

Indonesia visa on arrival is for tourism planning for Indonesia to stay less than 30 days; the visa on arrival is non-extendable and expires upon leaving the country.

  • The visa can be purchased upon arrival from the airports of Jakarta, Bali, Surabaya, Medan, Padang, Pekanbaru, Manado, Biak, Ambon, Palikpapan, Pontianak, Kupang, Batam and South Sumatra.
  • On-arrival visa is also available at a limited number of seaports, including the Batam and Bintan ferry terminals near Singapore.
  • The visa allows upon arrival to travel to various islands in Indonesia.
  • There are four regions in Indonesia that foreigners are not permitted to visit without special written permission and consent; Maluku, Poso, and Irian Jaya / West Papua.
  • To enter restricted areas, one must obtain special permission from the Indonesian authorities and notify the embassy/consulate general about the intention to visit the restricted areas.
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  • The passport must be at least six months before it expires.
  • Show that you have arrangements to leave the country, such as a return ticket or a continuous flight.
  • Indonesian visas require a completely blank passport page where the visa is stamped.


$ 10.00 for seven days and $ 25.00 for 30 days

If you pass your time, it will be a fee of 20.00 per day up to 29 days.

Sixty-two countries and one region can apply for a visa on arrival.

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Argentina, Fiji, Libya, Romania, USA, Australia, Finland, Lithuania, Russia, Algeria, France, Luxembourg, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Germany, Maldives, Slovak Republic, Belgium, Greece, Malta, Slovenia, Brazil, Hungary, Mexico, Spain, Bulgaria, India, Monaco, South Africa, Czech Republic, Iceland, New Zealand, South Korea, Cambodia, Iran, Netherlands, Suriname, Canada, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Cyprus, Italy, Oman, Switzerland, China, Japan Panama, Taiwan, Denmark, Kuwait, Poland, Tunisia, Estonia, Laos, Portugal, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Latvia, Qatar, United Kingdom

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I have two advice for Indonesia visa on arrival

1. After they stamp your passport, they will give a form that they leave with the passport not to lose, or when you leave, you will have to pay USD 20.00 in Indonesian rupiah if you do not have any rupees you must go to the ATM.

2. If you have someone receiving you at the airport, tell them that the visa line upon arrival can be from 5 to 40 minutes, depending on the number of travelers from Indonesia.

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