Immigrate to Singapore for Educational purpose and find out how to secure study Approval

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Singapore is a desirable study destination for students, allowing them to have the best education in the professional future. There are 3 educational institutions in Singapore that operate here:

Singapore Government Legal Councils:

These institutions operate in accordance with the laws established by the country’s government.

Independent institutions:

subject to the supervision of the Companies Law.

Private education institutions:

They are also subject to corporate law oversight but have registration with the Special Education Council.
There are two of the best universities in the world, Nanyang Technological University and the National University of Singapore. These universities scored highly in the QS rankings of world universities for 2016-2017, 13 and 12, respectively. Regarding QS rankings for 2016-2017 universities for Asia, these universities also have high rankings from third and first rank respectively.

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The desirable place to study IT in Singapore is Nanyang Technological University which has been rated well in the top 10 subjects such as engineering and technology thanks to its faculty. It also has good rankings in civil engineering.

The National University of Singapore is also a desirable place to study IT in Singapore. She has ranked third worldwide for structural and civil engineering subjects. She also ranked fourth worldwide for Engineering Materials and Technology due to her distinguished faculty.

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The country also has a very complex living environment with minimal crimes. Therefore, it provides a quiet environment for students to continue their studies.

Aside from engineering, Nanyang Technological University provides university courses in various subjects such as accounting, business, communication studies, humanities, medicine, science, education, sports science and so on. The university also offers postgraduate studies in various subjects such as Chemical and Biomedical Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Mathematical Sciences, Physical Sciences, Civil Engineering etc. This university obtained 5 grades for different criteria such as research, teaching, specialized standards, internationalization, employment, facilities, innovation, and inclusion. The university ranks among the top 50 for those universities that have been established for less than 50 years.

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The number of international students enrolled in this university is very high. Currently, there are 32,705 local students enrolled here. Among these students who are part of this university, 47% are enrolled in postgraduate courses and the rest are in undergraduate courses. The university earned 100 marks in the QS World University rating for the number of employers coming here and its academic reputation.

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