Examine the procedure for obtaining a work permit in Poland

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Technically, there is no document called a “work permit.” Instead, a company wishing to hire a foreigner must obtain a “work commitment,” which is described below. The foreigner then submits this document with his visa or residence permit request, allowing him to receive a work visa or a residence permit with annotation enabling him to work legally. For the sake of simplicity, the “pledge of work permit” will be called a work permit.

In Poland, obtaining a work permit is very restrictive for foreigners as well as for the employer. It is linked to an employee and an employer, and it cannot be shared. This means that if a foreigner obtains a work permit in Poland, he can only work for the company specified in the license. If the foreigner wishes to change employer or hold more than one job, a new one must be obtained for each employer interested in hiring the foreigner.

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Who gets the work permit?

There is some bureaucracy involved in obtaining this document, although the process has been simplified in recent years. The request requires specific information from the employer, so the employer must request the work permit, not the employee. As a result, very often, companies avoid hiring foreigners legally simply because they don’t want to be bothered by all the paperwork.

A foreigner in a situation where his employer does not seem eager to obtain a work permit has several options:

they can review the information below and decide to take matters into their own hands and take charge of as many processes as possible, summarizing the process by simply signing a document or at a desk, or
they may want to start their own business and become a freelancer. In the case of language teachers, companies are happy to work with independent teachers because they do not have to apply for a work permit for them, and an invoice is preferable to an employment contract. Foreigners also benefit because they are looking for their work permit and only have to do it once, regardless of the number of places they work.

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How do I get a work permit?
  • Who: future employer
  • Where: Urzad Wojew√≥dzki (Voivoidship Office)
  • prerequisite: none
  • Waiting time: 14 days
  • Cost: 100,
What you will need:
  • completed application form
  • foreign information
  • Company Information
  • KRD Society Current Criminal Record Report
  • document confirming the legal status of the company
  • photocopy of passport
  • copy of the information on business income or loses from previous year
  • company employment information (number of workers, etc.)
  • proof of payment of fees
  • document from the local unemployment office indicating that no qualified worker can occupy this position that the foreigner must fill *
  • document demonstrating that the foreigner is qualified to occupy the position for which he will be hired
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The next step

After the future employer has submitted all the documents and waited 14 days, he will receive the work permit

At this point, the foreigner has two options:
  1. if they are in their country of origin, they can apply for a visa by going to the nearest Polish embassy or consulate, or
  2. if they are already in Poland, they can apply for a residence permit at the local voivodship office.

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