Everything about migrating to the United Kingdom – Jobs, Visa & Accommodation

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Migration may seem like a difficult task, but the right information can generally make moving easy. This article highlights basic information about moving to the UK.

The United Kingdom is a leading destination for foreigners worldwide, the country offers diversity in employment. The capital is internationally recognized as one of the best cities in the world, despite the fact that London is relatively expensive

The United Kingdom, like many developed countries, has a friendly immigration process that caters to thousands of people who wish to call the United Kingdom. There are several visa options offered by the UK government and knowing the right visa is the first important consideration when planning a move to the UK.

The British visa is divided into three categories, namely:

UK Migration Visas: This visa flow is suitable for temporary migration to the UK, such as employer sponsorship license, temporary work visa and student visa, etc.

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British family visa: as its name suggests, this category of visa is intended to reunite families and relatives. People who plan to live permanently in the UK or to UK citizens are eligible for this category.

Other routes of immigration to the UK: entrepreneurs and business owners who want to invest in the UK economy, or immigrants with a temporary visa who are committed to staying in the UK, are eligible for this stream.

Health in the UK

Health care in the UK through the National Health Service (NHS) is funded by fees readily available to all residents of the UK, with the exception of certain costs, such as dental care.

Universal credit, also known as the social security system, includes unemployment benefits and social benefits, including disability benefits, compulsory sick leave, maternity and paternity benefits. UK residents are eligible for this program, although the exact amount depends on national insurance premiums.

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Find a job in the UK

The British economy is one of the largest in Europe with a high employment rate for foreigners. Although large cities are home to most jobs, there is a high demand for highly skilled occupations.

To get jobs in the UK or London, it is ideal to start looking in your home country in case you need a work permit or a job interview.

Popular job sites such as Monster and LinkedIn offer job seekers a lot of perspectives and opportunities. Before submitting your resume, make sure it meets British standards and is not badly written.

The average salary in the United Kingdom is the 9th in Europe and the 22nd in the world. There is a minimum wage and a living wage, but the difference between high and low wages in cities like London is incredibly large. Wages for casual work are not that high, but there are enough job opportunities.

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Finding accommodation in the UK

Where you live in the UK depends on various factors that affect your workplace and general job openings, culture, environment and nightlife. Many large cities have large numbers of foreigners. London and the other big cities are expensive, as potential immigrants, it is wise to consider living in the city or in the suburbs to curb the expensive lifestyle of big cities. Thanks to the good transport system in the UK, employees can move around easily.

It is not easy for third-country nationals to get a job or work permit, but finding a job is not entirely difficult, you need to convince your employer that you are qualified for the job. The shortage of skilled workers in the UK has caused an influx of skilled international workers.

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