Brussels the Chocolate Capital of the World; Research things to do and Where to go on your next Visit to Belgium

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Belgium, especially Brussels, is known as the chocolate capital of the world for its contribution to the history of chocolate and its continued popularity with many chocoholics around the world. Belgian chocolates have made their mark in the chocolate industry through the praline created in 1912. However, it was the Neuhaus chocolate shop, which opened in 1857, which became the birthplace of Belgian chocolates. Today, Belgium produces 172,000 tons of chocolate per year with more than 2,000 chocolate shops across the country. Since Belgium was awarded the title of “chocolate capital of the world”, it has become the number one destination and mecca for all chocoholics around the world.

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Several travel agencies offer packaged chocolate-themed tours in Belgium, including Intend Tours’ 7-day Chocolate Lovers Paradise Tours. This guided tour gives you the chance to:

– taste gourmet chocolate and pralines from the best chocolatiers in Belgium
– participate in chocolate making demonstrations in chocolate factories and even receive a certificate from the best chocolate makers
– have delicious chocolate desserts and samples
– discover more of Belgian history, art, food, and architecture
– buy all the chocolates you can eat and bring them to your loved ones

Aside from the Chocolate Lovers Paradise Tours, there are other chocolate-themed travel packages that you can enjoy, such as those from Belgian travel agencies. These include guided chocolate walk/tastings, visits to chocolate museums and chocolate factories, and the Ultimate Chocolate Workshop with a visit to the Brussels Onstage exhibition under the Saint-Hubert gallery. This interactive workshop focuses on the origin and history of Belgian chocolates.

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If you choose to create your itinerary when you visit Belgium, here are several destinations you may want to consider for your chocolate-themed trip to Belgium:

Chocolate museums and demonstrations


– Musee du Cacao et du Chocolat – shows the different production stages of chocolate making
– Planete Chocolat – chocolate demonstration
– Le Chocolatier Manon – guided tour
– Chocolaterie Duval – history of chocolate demonstration and tasting
– La Maison du Chocolat
– Chocolaterie Jamart

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– Choco-Story – history of chocolate demonstration and tasting
– Roose’s Chocolate World

Chocolate events


– The Chocolate Festival – get the chance to taste different chocolates and see creations from artisan chocolate makers and major international brands.


– Aroma Festival – a festival with coffee, tea, and chocolate

Famous chocolate shops in Belgium

Found all over Belgium:

– Leonidas
– Neuhaus
– Marcolini
– Godiva
– Flanders

Specifically found in Brussels:

– Chocolat Manon
– Debailleul
– La Maison du Chocolat Artisanal
– Mary Chocolatier
– Wittamer
– Wallonia

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