Batam Tour Package: Top 5 must-do things to have a Fun-filled and Memorable Travel Experience

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Indonesia is of course known for its natural beauty as seen in world-famous tourist spots like Bali. But did you know, apart from Bali, that this tropical country also has other destinations that will certainly offer you a fun and unforgettable travel experience? And the best part of a visit to Batam is that it is very accessible, just 45 minutes by ferry from Singapore. Many activities await visitors to this island that promises a pleasant beach, sun and sea. Water sports, fresh seafood, shopping and affordable massages at local spas are all worthwhile in Batam. So if you want a quick visit to this island, check out the following 5 main things to do:

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Spa and massage

There are a wide variety of massage centres in Batam, mainly for hordes of travellers to this island. Due to a large number of these spas, there are many affordable choices for tourists who want to relax after a day of sightseeing. Traditional Balinese massage and other forms of relaxing massage are all available at an affordable price. Just go around and look for a spa that suits your style and tastes.

Fresh fish dishes

What about fresh seafood meals? Crabs, mussels, shrimps and much more are all available, also at an affordable price, in the many restaurants of the charming island. The cooking lists will surely make your taste buds dream, with its associated inexpensive price, and think that these are fresh and top quality fish dishes.

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Nagoya Hill Shopping Center

If you’re travelling for bargains, then Nagoya Hill Mall is the right Batam destination for you. Sports equipment, especially golf equipment, is a good buy here, but other items are also available, including local food items such as “kueh lapis” (a popular Indonesian layered cake) and ” Indomie “(instant noodles).

Trail activities on the north coast

The picturesque north coast of Batam is a good place for exciting adventures, especially cycling and mountain biking. The region has a breathtaking dense green jungle, accentuated by a vast coast. You can choose to take advantage of this trail alone, by cycling about 30 kilometres from the Duriankang reservoir and the Nongsa coast, via Teluk Mata Ikan, Batu Besar, Citra Mas Housing and taking the Touring golf trail Bay.

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Nautical adventure

If you are a water sports enthusiast, the waterfront town offers a variety of activities such as banana boating, kayaking, parasailing, jet skiing and windsurfing. Diving and snorkelling are also possible. Apart from the seafront, these activities can also be practised on the Nongsa coast and also on Melur beach on the island of Galang where it is less frequent.

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